Monday, February 14, 2011

New Designs and Ideas

I have a lot of new designs and ideas rolling around in my head.
Today I made one.

Her name is Phillip the Weirdkin!

I think she is kinda cute and odd.

Gonna be making a lot more!  And a few other things!

Please feel free to leave links in the comments of creations that you have made!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wrestling Show & Relaxation.

My son is still with grandma but is coming home today! yay! I miss him so much!

We went to the wrestling show yesterday and I had a lot of fun!  I meet some wonderful people!

Here are a few pics of the show. (The guy in blue and red shorts is my hubby, Oz Knight!)  (Oh and I made his shorts!)

It was a great night!

I was also featured in the treasury shown below!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Today didn't Feel like Friday.

For some reason today didn't feel like Friday....but it was.

I did a bit of crocheting and made a few octopus buddies.  :)
I took some pictures of new items for my store and I listed Melody (seen below).

Melody the Octopus Buddy

Tomorrow I am going with my hubby to a wrestling show about 2 hours away from our home.  Our son is going to stay overnight with Grandma and Grandpa for the first time.  My mom is excited and I am nervous.  I know he will have fun with them but as a mom it is sad to leave him overnight with someone else. lol!  Silly yes...but still can't help it.

I am taking my camera with my tomorrow to the show.  So I will post pics on Sunday.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

I made Fuzzy Leg Warmers!

Today I made fuzzy leg warmers!

Here is how I did it!

First I took fur that I from a local fabric store.

Then I measured and cut it in half.

Two pieces! :)

I folded it over and got out my elastic.  I measured around my calf and cut to the needed length.

Two pieces and fabric and two pieces of elastic.

I pinned the elastic to the fabric.  You will have to stretch it so it is nice to have an extra person to help ya out.    (Oh side note:  pinned the elastic to the fuzzy side.)

Like this!

I threaded my bobbin and got my sewing machine ready.

Sew the elastic to the fuzzy fabric.  Then sew up the side of the fuzzy fabric!

Now turn it inside out and wear!!!!!

This follows the same pattern but at a smaller scale for your hands!

Good Luck!

If you are more of buyer than do-er you can purchase both the leg warmers and hand warmers at Lavender Starlight!

If you need help message me!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Once a year for a few glorious months all Americans experience the same stressful ritual....Taxes.

We all wait in small stuffy offices in uncomfortable chairs to see a tax agent!  Da da dom!
We wait holding our small W-2s that showcase our worth for the year.  Which usually is either a pleasant surprise or utterly depressing.  I can promise that even if you have an appointment schedule you are still going to wait over that by about 20 minutes or so. The waiting rooms are normally filled with people who try to make pleasant conversation; but you can tell that just like you their mind is really focused on the W-2 in their hands.  

Finally you get called back and you are greeted by your tax agent!  At this point my nerves are doing jumping jacks; and my head is saying, 'Run for the door you can make it!'  However, my feet just follow the tax agent to a small desk.  Stupid feet!  The agent is pleasant and you hand them the W-2.  At this point there is usually not much talking as the Agent sets to work.  They plug in numbers to insane forms that look like they could have been inspired by ancient hieroglyphics.  Finally they either smile at you or sigh!  Believe me you want the smile!  The Smile means money back!  Yay!  The sigh means you have to pay in!  Lame!

If you are getting money back now comes the time to decide how you want it and how much you have to pay the tax agent for understanding the hieroglyphic forms.    I always have found it annoying that you have to pay for a check!
If you have to pay in you are given options on how to do sweet of them to give you some options, right?
Then you are given a bagillion forms that will need your signature in a bagillion different places!  I always feel like I am signing my life away!
Then you are given a thick packet with instructions on what to do on either receiving your check or sending in your check!
Then its over!  You survived!  You did it again!  yay! :)

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I got inspired!

I just watched a very good movie called Julie & Julia.  To me it was an inspirational movie about cooking, blogging, and life....and while I don't inspired me to revisit my attention starved blog.

To all out there in cyber space, my name is Karessa.  Most can't pronounce it, so I usually go by Kaye, my short and sweet middle name.

I am a mom first and foremost!  I have an adorable little boy!  I am happily married to a wonderful man who has high visions as well.  He is an indy wrestler and is working on breaking into the wrestling entertainment world.  I have a great....a great BIG family!  That is loving and nosy.  Wonderful traits if you ask me!

I am a geek, a gamer, and a "hooker"!  STOP THOSE DIRTY THOUGHTS!  lol!
I am a crocheter, aka a hooker.  My weapon of choice is a hook and a bolt of yarn.  With this the possibilities are endless.  Give me an hour and I can give you a wide range of delightful creations.

Like this:  An octopus buddy
Glitter the Octopus Buddy!  

I also sew!  I make wrestling gear, dolls, hip clothes, and cosplay outfits!  (Hey I told yall I was a geek!)

Right now my current projects are:
  1. An awesome Falcon inspired blanket
  2. A super cool 7 star hat
  3. Two pairs of wrestling pants that need a bit of patching.
  4. And of course my daily RANDOM project! :)
I don't like to use patterns & if I do use one I modify the crap out of them!
I like to be original!  This girl is NOT a cookie cutter!

Well I just wanted to tell yall a little more about me!
I am going to update often so please feel free to leave comments now and in the future!
I LOVE feedback!


Saturday, January 8, 2011

A day in pics!

v>  Here was my day in pics!

My tassel belts are now being sold at Dance Ware in Augusta, GA.

Things I realized today.

My sisters and me freezing at my first time setting up in public.

I ordered a Lavender Starlight Shirt and it came in today!  Yay! 

Monday, January 3, 2011

Promoting and creating!

I must say that learning to promote is almost as important at being good at your craft and go hand in hand.

Short blog but yeah I am sticking to new years resolution to post something every day!

Lavender Starlight

Saturday, January 1, 2011

First Day of a New Year!

I am having a wonderful start to a new year!

Today my hubby too me to Hobby Lobby and Joann's!!!!!!!!!!

I got oodles of new yarn and supplies to make fun necklaces!

I am so very happy about it!

I also got material needed to make my hubby a new pair of wrestling trunks!

I even got a new item listed on etsy! :)

A very productive and wonderful start to new year!

Kitty Ears