Tuesday, February 8, 2011

I got inspired!

I just watched a very good movie called Julie & Julia.  To me it was an inspirational movie about cooking, blogging, and life....and while I don't cook....ANY...it inspired me to revisit my attention starved blog.

To all out there in cyber space, my name is Karessa.  Most can't pronounce it, so I usually go by Kaye, my short and sweet middle name.

I am a mom first and foremost!  I have an adorable little boy!  I am happily married to a wonderful man who has high visions as well.  He is an indy wrestler and is working on breaking into the wrestling entertainment world.  I have a great....a great BIG family!  That is loving and nosy.  Wonderful traits if you ask me!

I am a geek, a gamer, and a "hooker"!  STOP THOSE DIRTY THOUGHTS!  lol!
I am a crocheter, aka a hooker.  My weapon of choice is a hook and a bolt of yarn.  With this the possibilities are endless.  Give me an hour and I can give you a wide range of delightful creations.

Like this:  An octopus buddy
Glitter the Octopus Buddy!  

I also sew!  I make wrestling gear, dolls, hip clothes, and cosplay outfits!  (Hey I told yall I was a geek!)

Right now my current projects are:
  1. An awesome Falcon inspired blanket
  2. A super cool 7 star hat
  3. Two pairs of wrestling pants that need a bit of patching.
  4. And of course my daily RANDOM project! :)
I don't like to use patterns & if I do use one I modify the crap out of them!
I like to be original!  This girl is NOT a cookie cutter!

Well I just wanted to tell yall a little more about me!
I am going to update often so please feel free to leave comments now and in the future!
I LOVE feedback!


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Artifact Andrea said...

Greetings, I saw your comment on my sister's blog and decided to follow you.

Feel free to follow my blog also. :-)