Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Once a year for a few glorious months all Americans experience the same stressful ritual....Taxes.

We all wait in small stuffy offices in uncomfortable chairs to see a tax agent!  Da da dom!
We wait holding our small W-2s that showcase our worth for the year.  Which usually is either a pleasant surprise or utterly depressing.  I can promise that even if you have an appointment schedule you are still going to wait over that by about 20 minutes or so. The waiting rooms are normally filled with people who try to make pleasant conversation; but you can tell that just like you their mind is really focused on the W-2 in their hands.  

Finally you get called back and you are greeted by your tax agent!  At this point my nerves are doing jumping jacks; and my head is saying, 'Run for the door you can make it!'  However, my feet just follow the tax agent to a small desk.  Stupid feet!  The agent is pleasant and you hand them the W-2.  At this point there is usually not much talking as the Agent sets to work.  They plug in numbers to insane forms that look like they could have been inspired by ancient hieroglyphics.  Finally they either smile at you or sigh!  Believe me you want the smile!  The Smile means money back!  Yay!  The sigh means you have to pay in!  Lame!

If you are getting money back now comes the time to decide how you want it and how much you have to pay the tax agent for understanding the hieroglyphic forms.    I always have found it annoying that you have to pay for a check!
If you have to pay in you are given options on how to do sweet of them to give you some options, right?
Then you are given a bagillion forms that will need your signature in a bagillion different places!  I always feel like I am signing my life away!
Then you are given a thick packet with instructions on what to do on either receiving your check or sending in your check!
Then its over!  You survived!  You did it again!  yay! :)

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SleightGirl said...

I rarely get paid on a w 2 so I usually have to pay. :(